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Operations Management Opportunities in Vancouver

Opportunities in Vanvouver

At Summit Search, we provide companies with access to a responsible, reliable work force. For individuals, we strive to provide a wide variety of employment opportunities in many different areas. In Vancouver, there are currently employment opportunities in a multitude of areas, including administrative management, construction and development, and software development.In addition, Vancouver currently presents a […]

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Recruiting the ‘Right’ People for Your Company


For any company, large or small, one of the most difficult aspects of expansion or continued operations is the recruitment of the right employees. You need to find ways to select individuals that will contribute and raise the overall value of your company. It is important that your employees remain engaged with your company’s short […]

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Benefits of Partnering with a Recruitment Agency


For many companies, conducting an internal hiring process can be extremely costly and time-consuming. In some cases, the hiring process takes upper level management employees away from the other important and necessary tasks that should be receiving their attention. As your organization grows and expands, the internal hiring process will only become more and more […]

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Tips for Nailing your Job Interview

Nailing Your Job Interview

As a recruitment specialist, we understand the need for great interview skills when it comes to your attempts to land a new job in the field of your choice. Some of our recruits neglect to take the necessary steps and conduct the background research necessary to become familiar with the company they are interviewing with […]

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Business Development Opportunities in Calgary

Business Development

At Summit Search, our goal is to match employers with recruits in the hopes of finding matches that leave both sides feeling great about working together in the future. We want to make sure that our employers are committed to helping our recruits advance their individual career goals, while still being able to maintain a […]

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Recruiting Canadian HR Professionals

Recruiting Canada

Our previous blogs have highlighted the demands that are often put on HR Departments when it comes to the sourcing, selection and hiring of top personnel – demands that become so labour intensive that specialized Recruitment Agencies are asked to take on the important task of personnel hiring.  But what happens when the available position […]

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Canadian Recruitment Specialists

Employment Opportunities

Summit Search Group is a Nationwide Recruitment Agency that provides specialized and individualized recruitment services to clients and candidates across Canada.  Consisting of teams of experienced, knowledgeable, and result driven specialists – this Canadian Recruitment Firm is utilized by all industries for the sourcing, selecting, and hiring of desired professionals. Effective Canadian Recruiters share some […]

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Canadian Hiring Trends for 2014

According to a recent Manpower Employment Outlook Survey – Canada is looking good for anticipated hiring trends for 2014. Brian Luft, Vice President of Operations for Manpower Canada, states that “overall, a respectable national hiring climate is projected for the coming quarter – with employers in the construction industry anticipating the strongest payroll gains; however […]

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Why Hiring Companies Utilize Recruitment Specialists

Recruitment in Canada

Hiring companies with the expectation of attracting and retaining top industry professionals turn to Recruitment Specialists at Summit Search Group to assist them in their search for today’s leading candidates. And though ‘recruiting’ has sometimes been viewed as a responsibility that falls on the shoulders of a company’s HR department – the harsh reality is […]

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How to Cope With Job Interview Rejection

Interview for Dream Job

Your New Year’s goal is to land your dream job, and you’ve been enthusiastically applying for positions within respected companies but have yet to receive a job offer or second interview.  You’re probably feeling a little down (understandably) as rejection of any sort never feels good – but don’t let the challenges of job hunting […]

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