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Summit Search Group is a Canadian recruiting firm that works closely with today’s prominent Oil and Gas companies – developing a strong acumen for industry’s standards, projections, and requirements of labour and management talent. With offices located in Calgary and Edmonton, as well as across Canada, we are always at the forefront of Alberta’s Oil and Gas industry demands. Our specialized Recruitment Consultants assure complete industry knowledge and expertise. We provide only the best and latest industry information and guidance to eligible career seekers and hiring firms, which has enabled our recruitment agency to become one of the top performers in Canada Oil & Gas.

Canada is a country rich with natural resources. Our extensive oil and natural gas reserves have made us the fifth-largest producer of natural gas and the sixth-largest producer of crude oil in the world. Further, many other countries with fossil fuel reserves are less politically stable. Canada is uniquely positioned as one of the few global sources for reliable, safe, and secure energy. Oil and natural gas resource development, which includes oil sands, natural gas, and both conventional and unconventional oil, is active across Canada, and this leading industry makes use of goods and services from many regions across the country.

Careers within this industry are diverse, exciting, rewarding, and available to those seeking to create a dynamic career. With almost 20 years of executive search experience, Summit Search Group’s team of veteran Oil and Gas recruiters are the vital links between ambitious Oil and Gas professionals and top Oil and Gas companies. We work diligently to meet the economic and career needs of both employers and employees. The team at Summit Search Group is proud to lead the way in the successful long-term placement of professionals within the energy sector.

We specialize in recruiting for Oil & Gas, Mining and Energy roles

  • Area Sales Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Drilling Engineer
  • Field Sales Engineer
  • Geologist
  • Geophysicist
  • HSE Manager
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Pipeline Design Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Regional Account Manager
  • Safety Manager
  • Strategic Account Director
  • Technical Sales Representative
  • Territory Sales Representative
  • Vice President Business Development

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Summit Search Group has been a tremendous partner for our organization as we continue to scale at pace - with a strong emphasis on finding great people, who are long-term fits.

We have successfully filled several positions through Summit Search Group - and their integrity and commitment to ensuring that the placement is the correct fit is second to none. It is clear through their actions - such as the initial information gathering (on role, culture, performance expectations, etc.) as well as their detailed weekly reports that they put the client above everything else.

It is this commitment to putting the client first - and going "above and beyond" for their requirements, that has made Summit Search Group a great fit for us - as they have very similar core value's to our organization.

We have worked with Summit Search Group for placing a number of roles recently and they have provided some invaluable input for us as we were planning for our CEO succession. Summit Search Group has been a huge asset to our organization over the past little while.

Summit Search Group has continued to be a dedicated recruitment partner to our operation, having placed multiple individuals in senior leadership roles both locally and regionally. Summit has become a trusted advisor both to their candidates as well as to my talent acquisition team. Transparent and honest, we have been able to trust their team’s instinct and appreciate the feedback they provides during the process. I highly recommend Summit Search Group for your recruitment requirements.

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Who is Summit Search Group?

Summit Search Group is a leading national professional recruitment firm committed to helping great employers hire smart, motivated people to advance both the bottom line and individual career goals.

SSG fosters a collaborative culture that drives positive business results. The work ethic at Summit can be summed up in one word: tenacious. We sort, sift and dig through our professional networks, our industry connections and our customized database of qualified candidates with a single purpose: to find the best candidates for our clients. Over nearly two decades, we’ve developed a process that relies on:

Open And Frequent Dialogue With Clients And Candidates

Open And Frequent Dialogue With Clients And Candidates

Our Network Of Nationwide Recruiting Experts

Our Network Of Nationwide Recruiting Experts

Deep Industry Knowledge In All Of Our Practice Areas

Deep Industry Knowledge In All Of Our Practice Areas

Extensive Market Research

Extensive Market Research

The Latest Technology

The Latest Technology

We’re constantly refining our processes to meet and exceed expectations. This gives us a competitive edge that sets us apart from the rest, and we’ve earned the role of the trusted partner from our clients.

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Industry Spotlight: Recruiting in Oil & Gas

As one of Canada’s greatest sources of prosperity and job creation, the oil and gas industry is a key focal point for Canadian recruiting experts. It’s only right, then, that we take a look at this critical sector of the Canadian economy for the final installment of our Industry Spotlight series.

A Slow Recovery
This may come as a surprise to many, but employment in Canada’s oil and gas sector has started to see some hopeful improvement in the past year or so. While things haven’t recovered to a status anywhere near the numbers prior to the fall of oil prices that began in late 2014, growth in ongoing production operations and office positions has promoted a gradual uptick. Because this growth is beginning to gain its momentum in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Central Canada, it may be prudent for oil and gas employers in these regions to look for recruits in Atlantic Canada, where oil and gas unemployment is still comparatively low.

Industry Changes
In addition to assessing the state of oil and gas employment rates, it’s wise to be aware of how the industry is changing at large. The growing use of new technologies, particularly when it comes to automation, has the capacity to eliminate many jobs while also creating new ones as innovation moves forward. In the long term, it may also be advisable for oil and gas employers to think ahead in terms of what kinds of products the industry will be shifting towards if demand for oil peaks in the way that many experts are projecting it will. There may be a need for new types of talent as the range of uses for crude oil is forced to diversify.

Expanding Your Reach
Regardless of where exactly oil and gas is headed in terms of employment numbers and adaptation to changing demands, employers in the industry must stay on the cutting edge when it comes to the tools and strategies they use for recruitment. Traditional networking, social media, analytics, referrals and even AI should be combined into a more comprehensive approach. In addition to this, it should be noted that during the oil and gas downturn many workers pivoted to other industries, taking their transferable skills with them. It’s therefore imperative to establish a wider reach for your network when seeking talent.

Summit Search Group has worked tirelessly to help oil & gas companies secure the finest talent in Canada, and this is only one of many areas of our recruitment expertise. To upgrade your search and build a world-class team, contact a local Summit Search office in your city today.

What to Look For In an Oil and Gas Recruiter

Oil and Gas Recruiters at Summit Search Group recognize that effective Oil and Gas Recruiting is a global endeavour – over 2.5 million people are currently employed in the energy sector worldwide – placing increased focus on sourcing and recruiting individuals with superior skills that add to a company’s existing talent pool. Expert Oil and Gas Recruiters know that failing to attract highly skilled Oil and Gas Professionals not only impacts the hiring company negatively but contributes to the competitions strength and winning capabilities.

Summit Search Group’s Oil and Gas Recruiters are successful in staying on top of the highly specialized Oil and Gas Recruiting Market by concentrating on cultivating manpower solutions that involve – developing a clear understanding of company’s talent needs – superior knowledge of what motivates today’s sought after Oil and Gas work-force – a depth of networking and sourcing capabilities that ensures profitable recruitment for both the hiring company and Oil and Gas Professional.

Oil and Gas Recruiters around the world face challenges attracting viable candidates – but at Summit Search Group these challenges are met with enviable results due to a unique approach of being able to discern that successful Oil and Gas Recruitment goes beyond qualifications and experience – and encompasses establishing what an employee’s pull and push factors are – so forming a clear picture of what desired benefits need to be offered to ensure a candidates initial interest, and ongoing drive to excel within an Oil and Gas Company.

Summit Search Group’s team of experienced Oil and Gas Recruiters are the vital link between ambitious Oil and Gas Professionals and Top Oil and Gas Companies. Working diligently to meet the economic and career needs of the employee and employer, this National Oil and Gas Recruiting team leads the way in successful long-term placement of professionals within the energy sector. With offices across Canada – Summit Search Group is able to source the best in the industry for today’s top oil and gas jobs.

Summit Search Group has recruitment offices located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax.… with a team of professional Oil and Gas Recruiters that can help your company reach its peak.

To view current Oil and Gas positions visit Summit Search Group online today – for a better tomorrow.

Oil and Gas Recruitment in Canada

Oil and Gas Recruitment Specialists at Summit Search Group successfully source and place top Oil and Gas Executives, Engineers, Technologists and Support Staff in today’s leading Oil and Gas Companies. With recruitment offices across Canada, from Halifax to Vancouver, this Canadian Oil and Gas Recruitment Agency is able to meet the diverse expectations of both employer and oil and gas job seeker.

Canadian Oil and Gas Professionals contribute to the vitality and continued growth of Canada’s economy; this ongoing achievement draws on the support of Summit Search Group’s expertise in recruiting qualified and experienced Oil and Gas individuals who excel in their chosen area by bringing the additional attributes of flexibility and commitment, results oriented, and possess the ability to quickly recognize and exceed company targets and ambitions.

Summit Search Group’s team of Oil and Gas Recruiters combine their extensive knowledge of industry specifics, with discipline-focused networking resources, that ensure that both the employer and employee’s objectives are not only met but surpassed. Effective Oil and Gas Recruitment in Canada has never been more recognized than in today’s current competitive market. Summit Search Group Recruiting Agency has a depth of expert, achievement-driven recruiters, who are on-hand to position skilled, educated, and sought-after Oil and Gas Professionals in rewarding posts across Canada.

If you are an Oil and Gas job seeker or an Oil and Gas company searching for the best in the industry – contact one of Summit Search Group’s offices today and let this proven Canadian Recruitment Team work for you.

Recruitment in Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry

According to recent figures released by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers – Canadian crude output is forecast to jump to 6.7 million barrels by 2030. Alberta’s bitumen reserve, the World’s no 3 crude deposit is expected to climb 26% by 2015, to an estimated 2.3 million barrels a day. And even with potential rationing of pipeline capacity – jobs within the Alberta’s Oil and Gas Industry are alive and well. With healthy growth projections being posted within the industry – additional demands are being placed on Oil and Gas Companies to hire and retain exceptional calibre personnel to fill some of the industry’s top positions. With Alberta’s Oil and Gas Companies working flat-out to handle production quotas and business goals – more and more leading Oil and Gas Firms are turning to Canadian Recruitment Agencies to assist them in securing professionals who possess a proven track record in assisting enterprises meet and exceed business objectives.

Summit Search Group is a Canadian Recruitment Agency that works closely with today’s prominent Oil and Gas Companies – developing a strong acumen for industry’s standards, projections, and requirements of manpower and management talent. Staying up-to-date with Alberta’s Oil and Gas industry demands is an easy task for Summit Search Group – who has offices in Calgary and Edmonton – as well as across Canada. This Canadian Recruitment Firm operates with teams of specialized Recruitment Consultants to ensure that all industry knowledge and expertise is assured. Providing current industry information and guidance to eligible career seekers and hiring firms has enabled this Canadian Recruitment and Head Hunting company to become one of Canada’s top performing Recruitment Team.

Careers within Alberta’s Oil and Gas Industry are diverse, exciting, rewarding, and available to those seeking to create a dynamic career within one of Canada’s leading industries. From petroleum engineering, geophysicist, geological technologist, pipeline integrity, risk management and field services – current Oil and Gas opportunities are plentiful and awaiting exploration from qualified candidates. Summit Search Group is a Nationwide Recruiting Firm with offices from Halifax to Vancouver. Delivering trusted, sought-after, and respected recruiting services to all industry sectors – more and more career pursuers and hiring departments utilize Summit’s recruiting strengths to land dream jobs and dream employees. If you are in need of Canadian Recruitment services – contact Summit Search Group today.