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Smart recruiting strategies are the backbone of a strong company, and this is especially true in the evolving industries of the manufacturing and industrial sector. An influx of new technologies and methods has driven the industry to become exponentially more sophisticated and technical. Today’s workers need a wider range of skill sets than ever before, including competency with software-based tools. As Canada’s premier recruitment agency, Summit Search Group can connect you with candidates who have the right combination of technical skills.

In this ever-changing industry, Summit Search Group takes pride in knowing what’s required to recruit top-notch employees. We take the time to thoroughly understand your operations and business so we can deliver a strategic approach to your hiring needs. Whether it be a part-time, mid-management, a corporate role, or an executive search, SSG’s team finds candidates who will have a positive, long-lasting impact on your business. Our national networks, research approach and ability to source talent for complex, skilled positions ensure that we can support multiple locations and national business needs.

We specialize in recruiting for Manufacturing and Industrial roles

  • Account Manager
  • Business Development Representative
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Manufacturing Officer
  • Controller
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Design Engineer
  • Electrician
  • Estimating Manager
  • Facility Manager
  • General Manager
  • Industrial Sales Representative
  • Machinist
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Manufacturers Sales Agent
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Mechanical Designer
  • Plant Manager
  • Process Engineer
  • Production Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Safety Manager
  • Senior Design Engineer
  • Senior Project Engineer
  • Vice President Marketing

See what our Manufacturing and Industrial clients are saying about us

Summit Search Group has continued to be a dedicated recruitment partner to our operation, having placed multiple individuals in senior leadership roles both locally and regionally. Summit has become a trusted advisor both to their candidates as well as to my talent acquisition team. Transparent and honest, we have been able to trust their team’s instinct and appreciate the feedback they provides during the process. I highly recommend Summit Search Group for your recruitment requirements.

I am very pleased to provide a reference for Summit Search Group and the recruitment services they have provided to our organization for the past number of years. Summit Search Group has provided executive search and staffing services for our manufacturing and operations. Summit effectively filled three of our Director level positions and several other positions at the managerial level. They have maintained contact with these employees after hiring to ensure overall satisfaction with the employee and the ourselves. I have no hesitation in recommending Summit Search Group to you for your recruitment needs.

Summit Search Group has been a tremendous partner for our organization as we continue to scale at pace - with a strong emphasis on finding great people, who are long-term fits.

We have successfully filled several positions through Summit Search Group - and their integrity and commitment to ensuring that the placement is the correct fit is second to none. It is clear through their actions - such as the initial information gathering (on role, culture, performance expectations, etc.) as well as their detailed weekly reports that they put the client above everything else.

It is this commitment to putting the client first - and going "above and beyond" for their requirements, that has made Summit Search Group a great fit for us - as they have very similar core value's to our organization.

As a hiring manager I have used Summit Search Group on numerous occasions, and all with excellent results. First of all, they get to know the hiring person very well which helps them find the ideal candidate for the position. It also helps with getting a great fit for the team and somebody who will do an excellent job. I pushed them hard for candidates that had shown previous success in their past endeavours. They came through with flying colors and that is why I can highly recommend Summit as a partner in helping add to your team.

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Who is Summit Search Group?

Summit Search Group is a leading national professional recruitment firm committed to helping great employers hire smart, motivated people to advance both the bottom line and individual career goals.

SSG fosters a collaborative culture that drives positive business results. The work ethic at Summit can be summed up in one word: tenacious. We sort, sift and dig through our professional networks, our industry connections and our customized database of qualified candidates with a single purpose: to find the best candidates for our clients. Over nearly two decades, we’ve developed a process that relies on:

Open And Frequent Dialogue With Clients And Candidates

Open And Frequent Dialogue With Clients And Candidates

Our Network Of Nationwide Recruiting Experts

Our Network Of Nationwide Recruiting Experts

Deep Industry Knowledge In All Of Our Practice Areas

Deep Industry Knowledge In All Of Our Practice Areas

Extensive Market Research

Extensive Market Research

The Latest Technology

The Latest Technology

We’re constantly refining our processes to meet and exceed expectations. This gives us a competitive edge that sets us apart from the rest, and we’ve earned the role of the trusted partner from our clients.

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Industry Spotlight: Recruiting in Manufacturing

Last week’s Industry Spotlight article ran through a few aspects of recruitment in the construction industry. On a similar note, manufacturing executives might want to know what they should keep in mind when it comes to recruiting in their field. Let’s look at three key points.

The Image Problem
It may not be easy to admit, but manufacturing is one of many blue collar industries that suffers from negative perceptions among young professionals. Like construction, it is also subject to a skilled worker shortage, which can make it difficult to develop the team you need. Manufacturing comprises more than 10% of Canada’s total GDP, translating to about 1.7 million jobs, and those jobs need to be held by a new generation as time moves forward. Perform an overhaul of your employer brand, modernize your search with tools like social media, and develop a company culture that is attractive to fresh manufacturing talent.

Apprenticeships and Training
Another key to addressing the generational issue lies in education. Highly influential companies like Lockheed Martin have headed initiatives to design new manufacturing curricula for postsecondary learning institutions. The importance of apprenticeships has also never been more more apparent, with many businesses bolstering early skill development by exposing high school students to the inner workings of modern manufacturing. Always bear in mind the institutions and programs in your area that serve as hubs for new manufacturing recruits. It’s also incredibly important to revamp your training infrastructure to optimize retention.

Evolving Priorities
With so many new technologies and methods, the manufacturing landscape is becoming exponentially more sophisticated on a technical level. Workers need a wider range of skill sets than ever before, including competency with software-based tools, so it’s wise to consider the balance between skill and talent. Look for recruits who don’t just fulfill straightforward requirements in terms of technical skill, but who also possess strong transferrable aptitudes like critical thinking and problem solving. Combined with computer skills, these are in higher and higher demand, and this evolution is essential to keep in mind.

Smart recruitment strategies are the backbone of a strong company, and this is true regardless of what industry your business operates in. Our agency combines a wealth of recruiting experience across many sectors, so contact the Summit Search Group office in your city today!