Workplace Morale: How to Keep Your Employees Productive & Happy

In order for a company to succeed, workplace morale needs to stay high. It may seem like a simple and rudimentary principle, but it’s probably more complex and dynamic than you think. Here are a few strategies you should consider.

Workplace Morale: How to Keep Your Employees Productive & Happy - Summit Search Group - Recruitment Agency Canada

Getting the Right Idea

Some employers feel that it may not be their responsibility to ensure the utmost level of happiness for all their workers. While it’s true that one shouldn’t overlook the utility of being a boss first and a friend second, productivity is closely intertwined with the overall contentedness and comfortability of your employees. Your goal should be to foster a sense of ambition and trust within your company culture so that your employees are pleased to work with one another and to work for you.

What Works

When looking for what is effective in improving company rapport, take a look at the basic principles. For example, the quality, clarity, and regularity of communication between you and your employees as well as amongst themselves is the lifeblood of a productive team. Don’t fall into the trap of passive aggression or misleading statements. Say what you mean and mean what you say, especially with constructive criticism. Similarly, encourage your team to give you honest feedback about your decisions and management style. Incentive is also critical. Friendly competitions for bonus items, for instance, are perfect opportunities for you to get creative and keep the mood where it needs to be.

What Doesn’t Work

Something that many employers tend to overlook is the nuanced nature of responsibility. If something goes wrong, it’s counterproductive to completely blame an individual. Focus more on what the entire team — including yourself — can do to rectify the issue and avoid it in the future. When it comes to delegation, avoid uncertain or unclear directives. This is all about balance. Your employees should feel that you are delegating confidently and giving clear, actionable objectives while also remaining open to collaborative suggestions when necessary. If you feel the need to veto a suggestion, do it! Just make sure it’s for the sake of the task at hand, not due to a personal grudge. Your team will respond positively to confidence and respect!

The success of your company depends on the quality of your team. If you want to build the best team possible, Summit Search is here to make it easier. Get in touch a local office today!

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Workplace Morale: How to Keep Your Employees Productive & Happy

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