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Summit Search Group is your Company’s Talent Pipeline

Summit Search is your Company’s Talent Pipeline - Summit Search - Staffing specialists alberta

Does your company operate in a historically talent-starved industry? Are you constantly looking for talented individuals to bring onto your team? If so, you should consider fostering your own organizational talent pipeline. At Summit Search, we can be your one-stop-shop for all the talent your company needs to be...

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Five Reasons You Should Contact Summit Search Group Today

Five Reasons You Should Contact Summit Search Group Today - Summit Search Group - Staffing specialists canada

Has your company been struggling to find reliable help? Have you considered working with a recruiter to find more qualified candidates for employment? If not, you should certainly consider some of the benefits of working with a recruitment agency today. At Summit Search, we are committed to connecting employers...

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The Latest in Hiring and Recruiting Technology

The Latest in Hiring & Recruiting Technology - Summit Search Group - Recruitment Agency Canada

Do you know how technological advancements will affect employee recruitment this year? Are you familiar with the ways in which these technologies are changing interactions between employers and job candidates? At Summit Search, we are committed to helping recruiters and potential employees come together to fill needs on both...

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Why Do Employees Quit Their Job?

Why Do Employees Quit Their Job? - Summit Search Group - Staffing specialists canada

If your company is having trouble retaining employees, you might be doing a few things incorrectly. As an organization, you may sometimes be forced to assess your internal practices to promote a higher rate of employee retention. It’s essential that you see a quality return on the investments of...

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The Talent Myth

Graham Winfrey,  a staff writer at Inc. recently wrote an article titled, “Malcolm Gladwell on Why You Shouldn’t Hire for Talent”. In the article Graham quoted Gladwell as saying: “It’s an incredibly narrow definition of what you think is advantageous in your work force,”  and “IQ is totally important, but there was...

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The Interview Process – Mistakes to Avoid

The Interview Process: Mistakes to Avoid - Summit Search Group - Staffing Specialists Calgary

As a hiring manager, it’s essential that you find the right fit for the position you’re trying to fill. While wading through thousands of candidates can be a tedious and time-consuming process, it’s important that your company finds people that will help you build your brand, become more efficient,...

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Why Hiring A Recruitment Agency Saves Your Business

Is your business struggling to maintain productivity levels because of high rates of employee turnover? Are you exploring solutions for refining your hiring process in order to ensure that you hire only people that will be a good fit with your company? One of the easiest ways to ensure...

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How Social Media Can Affect The Hiring Process

The increase in social media in the last couple decades has taken a great deal of privacy out of our everyday lives. We can now get updates and see pictures of what other people are doing nearly every second of every day. While this certainly has some positive effects,...

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Summit Search | How to Get The Most Out of Your Recruitment Agent

If you’re looking for a job in Canada, it can be a challenge to know where to start. There might be a lack of options out there and there might also be too many options for you to choose from. In this regard, you can benefit by getting help...

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Five Common Hiring Mistakes

Summit Search Group

At some point, every company struggles with their hiring process. When you need to find new employees to add value to your company, searching can be extremely time intensive and it can easily exhaust your company’s capabilities. Good hires are sometimes hard to come by, but they’re not impossible...

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