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Internal Mobility: Are You Doing it Right?

Internal Mobility: Are You Doing it Right? - Summit Search Group - Staffing Specialists CalgaryFor many businesses, ensuring that valued employees can move from one role to another is a key part of fostering growth. The question is: how do you balance this with recruitment of outside talent and how can it benefit the recruitment process?

Mobility in Your Company Culture

Filling certain vacant positions sometimes means you’re at a fork in the road. Do you appoint someone from an outside talent pool or someone you already employ? Which one of these you choose will depend on your company, the position, and many other circumstances. However, understanding the fundamental concepts behind internal mobility can help you to enhance your corporate culture. Sure, it’s often less expensive to transfer an existing employee, but there’s more to it than this. For instance, if your workforce knows that a dedicated, multi-disciplinary work ethic will benefit their growth, then this is what they will bring to the table!

Why It’s Important for Recruitment

It’s key to think of these ideas as part of your larger long-term strategy for company prosperity. Seeing this bigger picture will allow you to reap the benefits of internal mobility without forgetting the importance of recruiting from the outside. Sometimes that ideal candidate won’t be found among your existing staff, and is instead someone who will come from a similar position that has given them matching experience. If you engage in balanced practices between transfers and recruitment, a potential recruit will be all the more enticed by your company. The more room for growth, the more you can offer them as a member of your team.

Maintaining Balance

Unfortunately, many businesses rely too much on filling positions with employee transfers simply because it is tends to be less costly. You may run into problems in this scenario because getting an employee to adjust to unfamiliar responsibilities isn’t always the smoothest process. This becomes particularly complicated and can consume training resources if you have to do it too frequently. Instead, approach each vacancy on a holistic, case-by-case basis. Don’t get stuck on what option is cheapest or most convenient, but instead the one that will help to improve your employer brand!

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Internal Mobility: Are You Doing it Right?

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