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Recruitment: In-House vs. Agency

During the recruitment process, the goal is to find the right person for the position while using company time as efficiently and effectively as possible. How this is accomplished may differ between companies. The choice between undertaking recruitment in-house and through an agency is an important one, so we’ve put together a few key pros and cons.

Recruitment: In-House vs. Agency - Summit Search Group - Recruitment Agency Canada

In-House Recruitment

Many companies employ an in-house recruitment team to fill key positions. One of the primary reasons is that it is often inexpensive when compared to working with an agency. Things get tricky, however, when you consider long-term ROI. The immediate low cost of relying on your own team to seek out talent may cancel itself out down the line if the new employee proves to be a poor match for your company. The process of undoing a bad hire is quite costly in itself. This is true in terms of both time and money.

An Agency By Your Side

Outsourcing your recruitment tasks to an agency offers peace of mind that is difficult to secure with an in-house approach. You as a company will be relying on highly experienced specialists who have mastered the difficult frenzy of sourcing and screening dense quantities of applications through a wide range of industry channels. It’s also possible for agencies to team up with internal recruiters to maximize manpower and diversify the approach. In general, candidates have been found to build more trusting and developed relationships with agencies. They tend to respond more positively to this than a cold call from the company.

Other Important Considerations

Understanding these two approaches to recruitment is also about how well you know your company. What is the scale of your enterprise and what kind of budget can you allocate to bringing on the best of the best? Do you have a sizable team that is willing and able to dedicate enough time to the process? More often than not, the best employees specializing in recruitment strategies end up taking on agency positions because of the higher career incentive it holds over a position as an in-house recruiter. The result: agencies are comprised of the most talented seekers of talent!

If your company is hoping to secure the best talent without breaking a sweat, Summit Search can make it happen for you. To find out what you can accomplish with Canada’s foremost recruitment agency by your side, contact one of our offices today!

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Recruitment: In-House vs. Agency

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