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Toronto Head Hunters and Recruiting Firms

Employment Agencies Recruiting Concept

Toronto is considered a world-class city – for more than one reason.  Along with the Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, Raptors, CN Tower, Canadian National Exhibition, Royal Ontario Museum, great restaurants and shopping – Toronto is also home to some of the most sought after careers available today. Toronto Head Hunters and Recruiting Agencies are in […]

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Canada’s Recruitment Agency

Building blocks for job recruiters

When it comes to creating a respected and valued company – manpower is the winning edge that takes businesses to higher levels of accomplishment.  Manpower can often be the make or break dynamic to achieving company goals and achieving career success – and specialized Recruiters and Head Hunters at Summit Search Group understand that the […]

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The Role of a Recruitment Consultant

Icon of employment recruiter

Canadian Recruiters and Head Hunters are some of the most talented and skilled recruiters in the world.  A lofty claim – but when you consider Canada’s economic stability and job availability and fluidity – Canada’s Recruitment Teams have never been more in demand and more tested for their ability to consistently produce exceptional results.  Summit […]

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Mississauga Recruiters and HeadHunters

The province of Ontario experienced strong employment growth in the last quarter of 2012; and though 2013 has witnessed the loss of jobs in certain markets, there is still good news to report with General Motors investing $250M in its plant at Ingersoll and General Electric Canada injecting a $26M investment in to its Peterborough […]

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Accounting and Finance Recruitment

Summit Search Group specializes in the recruitment of Accounting and Finance Professionals across Canada.  Whether the position is for a Chartered Accountant, Finance Controller, Production Accounting, or for Audit Management – Summit Search Group has the resources to enable job seekers to move forward in their career and for hiring companies to secure a professional […]

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Career Opportunities in Hospitality and Tourism

Careers in Hospitality and Tourism encompass Hotel Management, Resort Director, Restaurant Manager, Food and Beverage, and the up and coming area of Eco-Tours and Environmentally Conscious Vacations.  With opportunities worldwide – there has never been a better time to explore employment opportunities in this fast evolving industry.  Canada isn’t short on breathtaking scenery and plenty […]

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Telecommunications Recruitment

Canada’s Telecommunications sector has one of the strongest job markets when it comes to hiring for diverse, competitive and rewarding positions.   The varied telecommunications industry is extensive and encompasses careers in telephone, television, radio, wireless network, computer network, telemetry and global positioning system (GPS) – and includes companies that provide hardware, software, and services.  This […]

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Medical Sales Recruitment

The career of a medical sales representative is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding careers in Canada.  Widely referred to as Sales Rep – this dynamic, stimulating, and worthwhile profession is in high demand, coast to coast.  Canada’s top recruiting agencies are constantly utilized to source top Medical Sales Reps to fill positions with […]

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New Grads Turn to Canada’s Recruiting Agencies

We’re fast approaching that time of year when mortarboards go flying (briefly) skyward and proud graduating students hit the pavement in search of their dream job. But ‘pounding the pavement’ is an outmoded method of job searching in Canada. Today’s graduates know that top Canadian Recruiting Agencies are current with the availability of dream careers […]

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Recruitment Agencies – Take the Headache out of The Recruitment Process

Canadian Recruitment Agencies are some of the most capable when it comes to the strategic acquisition of manpower. Canada’s continuation of a stable employment environment means that Recruitment Agencies across Canada are constantly tested for their ability to perform in all areas of talent acquisition.  So with a strong employment trend in Canada you may […]

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