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Industry Spotlight: Recruiting in IT

Recruiting in IT industryInformation technology is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. It evolves rapidly and requires an incredibly diverse range of skills. Recruiting in this field can be particularly competitive, so it’s important to know what it will take to develop a formidable team.

Modernize Your Approach for Recruiting in IT industry

Everyone knows that the IT industry is about solving problems and accomplishing goals with modern tools. It’s only right to apply this principle to your recruitment practices. The usual channels like LinkedIn and job postings are important to utilize, but sourcing and recruiting talent through sites like Stack Overflow and Github can allow you to see candidates in the midst of exercising their abilities. Keep a close eye on how the roles of data, AI, and machine learning are developing in tech recruitment as well. Meanwhile, IT recruits think in terms of efficiency, so focus on making your postings easy to find, not to mention clear and concise.

Evolve Your Workplace for Recruiting in IT industry

Just as you should consider the modernization of your recruitment strategy, the same should go for your company itself. We don’t mean this in terms of technology, but in terms of company culture. Consider the expectations of candidates who fall within the age bracket of early 20s to late 30s. For these professionals, work-life balance is increasingly important. Center your employer branding around modern principles like these. It will also benefit you to remember that IT can have a particularly high turnover rate these days, so you’ll need to devote a lot of attention towards boosting employee engagement and retention.

Seek Out the Right Expertise for Recruiting in IT industry

One of the most challenging things about IT recruitment is that the industry is incredibly large and diverse. Whether it’s UX design, backend development, network engineering, or countless other practices, the precise details of recruitment will vary depending on your company and its needs. This is why so many IT hiring managers work with recruitment agencies. It takes a significant load off of their shoulders so that they can develop a more focused path towards a successful team. It’s often said that there’s a shortage of qualified tech talent, and if you want to effectively contend with this, a helping hand will go a long way.

Recruitment practices will always vary depending on what industry you’re in, and this plays an essential role in the way we help our clients to succeed. If you need to attract and retain outstanding IT talent, contact your local Summit Search Group office and we’d love to help!

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Industry Spotlight: Recruiting in IT

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