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Elevating Board Member Recruitment: A Deep Dive into Nonprofit and For-Profit Interviews

Introduction: Board Recruitment

Selecting board members is a pivotal task for organizations, one that shapes the trajectory of their governance and success. In Winnipeg, Summit Search Group stands out as a valuable partner, offering specialized services to streamline and optimize the board member recruitment process. This article delves deeper into the intricacies of interviewing board candidates for nonprofit and for-profit boards, exploring nuanced differences and offering detailed insights into interview strategies.


board member recruitment

board member recruitment


Understanding the Nuances of Board Recruitment

1. Nonprofit Boards: Nonprofit organizations often rely on passionate individuals committed to advancing a cause. When interviewing candidates for nonprofit boards, it’s crucial to explore their intrinsic motivation. Questions like “What personally motivates you to contribute to our cause?” and “Can you share experiences where you’ve been involved in fundraising or community outreach?” help assess alignment with the organization’s mission.

2. For-Profit Boards: For-profit boards, driven by financial returns, require members with a keen business sense. Questions such as “What expertise do you bring to enhance our financial performance?” and “How do you balance shareholder value with corporate social responsibility?” uncover a candidate’s ability to contribute to strategic decision-making and financial success.


Important Questions to Ask

1. Nonprofit Boards:

    • Passion and Commitment:
      • How do you connect with our organization’s mission on a personal level?
      • Can you describe a time when you actively contributed to a cause outside your professional responsibilities?
    • Fundraising and Outreach:
      • What strategies have you employed in fundraising or community engagement in your previous roles?
      • How do you envision leveraging your network to benefit our organization?

2. For-Profit Boards:

    • Financial Acumen:
      • Share examples of how your financial expertise has positively impacted a previous organization.
      • How would you approach financial challenges to ensure sustainable growth?
    • Strategic Decision-Making:
      • Can you provide instances where your strategic decisions contributed to the success of a business?
      • How do you balance short-term gains with long-term sustainability in a corporate setting?


Candidate Scoring Matrix: A Deeper Dive

Building a comprehensive candidate scoring matrix involves identifying specific criteria crucial for board success. Diving deeper into this process, boards may consider additional factors such as:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Assessing a candidate’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, ensuring a broad range of perspectives on the board.
  • Adaptability and Innovation: Gauging a candidate’s ability to adapt to evolving challenges and contribute innovative solutions.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Evaluating a candidate’s history of effectively engaging with stakeholders, whether clients, customers, or community members.


Summit Search Group’s Tailored Approach

In Winnipeg, Summit Search Group’s expertise extends beyond traditional recruitment. Their tailored approach involves understanding the unique needs of the organization, mapping those against candidate profiles, and ensuring a strategic fit. This meticulous process enhances the likelihood of securing board members who not only meet immediate needs but also contribute to long-term organizational success.



Elevating board member recruitment involves a nuanced understanding of the unique requirements of nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Thoughtful interview questions, a comprehensive scoring matrix, and the assistance of professional services like Summit Search Group contribute to the success of this critical process. Following interviews, the importance of effective board onboarding is pivotal in ensuring new members seamlessly integrate into the organization, fostering a collaborative and informed governance environment that maximizes their contributions from day one. More information on board onboarding can be found here. By delving deeper into the motivations, skills, and values of potential board members, organizations in Winnipeg can build boards that drive sustained success.


Contact Us: For more information on optimizing your board member recruitment process, contact Matt Erhard, Managing Partner, Summit Search Group – Winnipeg at [email protected] or (204) 926-8896.

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Elevating Board Member Recruitment: A Deep Dive into Nonprofit and For-Profit Interviews

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