Are You Keeping Your LinkedIn Profile Updated?

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If you want to land a job that you love, with a company that brings out the best in you, you’ll need to be as diligent as possible in your search. Staying on your toes is everything, and keeping your LinkedIn profile fully updated is a crucial part of this. Let’s take a look at why.


The Power of LinkedIn

It’s hard to overstate just how influential LinkedIn has become in the professional world. With more than 260 million active monthly users, 40% of whom use it every day, this platform is a stunningly vibrant community for candidates and employers alike. As a job seeker, LinkedIn functions as a virtually bottomless resource, placing you within the same network as roughly 30 million companies. It allows you to showcase your skills and have them endorsed by past employers, post engaging content about your industry, discover positions targeted to you based on your qualifications and more. As powerful as it is, everything begins with your profile.


Updating Your Profile

Being on LinkedIn as a job candidate is a bit like going to a job fair. Presentability, professionalism, and distinctiveness are all essential. This means having a profile that is packed with eye-catching and up-to-date information. From your photo to your experience, from your skills to your education, every detail must be current and accurate. This is not only because employers will ask for a link to your profile when considering you (they will), it’s because LinkedIn is one of the foremost tools that employers use to discover candidates when they post new jobs. If it’s not presentable and professional, you’re not setting a strong first impression!


Evolving with Your Career

Your career will develop in many ways as you continue to forge a path throughout your field. You’ll challenge yourself to develop new skills, take in priceless knowledge from mentors, develop beliefs and philosophies that shape your approach to your work, and more. Your presence on LinkedIn should reflect this. Explore your network to better understand your industry, use LinkedIn to publish articles about your experiences and your professional views, read the articles of others, and engage in discussions within groups. LinkedIn isn’t just a tool, it’s a community and a rich source of knowledge. Use it to evolve as a professional!

Summit Search Group believes in the power of today’s online platforms to create new opportunities and shape the careers of countless professionals. Our very own job search portal and opportunities resource are excellent ways to zero in on your next move. Take a look today!

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Are You Keeping Your LinkedIn Profile Updated?

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