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Why Employers Should Use the New and Improved LinkedIn Pages

Why Employers Should Use the New and Improved LinkedIn Pages - Summit Search Group - Staffing Agency Canada

LinkedIn is one of the most influential online tools for today’s professionals, and like any good web-based resource, it’s continuously evolving. The platform has recently rolled out Pages, a new way to build professional communities. Here’s why it’s a must-have for any employer.


Better Engagement


One particularly exciting aspect of Pages is that it offers admins an impressive new set of functions to better engage with their communities through key interactions. With the LinkedIn mobile app, it’s now possible to write Facebook-style update posts, respond to comments, and post documents like Word files, PowerPoint presentations, and PDFs. Additionally, by categorizing your page with hashtags of your choice, you can both contribute to and stay tuned into topics within your given industry. This makes it quite a bit easier to both discover the information you want and become more discoverable as a brand.


Smarter Content Creation


In addition to its useful new community interaction features, Pages allows you to think more precisely and strategically about what content you create on LinkedIn. It does this by providing a feature called Content Suggestions. Simply put, this presents you with trending topics based on your industry and the nature of your audience, enhancing the overall relevance and quality of your material. The Career Pages feature, meanwhile, gives you a more specialized method for engaging potential hires. Candidates can view this section of your page to learn more about your company culture, current openings, and other key information.


Smoother Integration


Like any good team of developers, LinkedIn seems well aware that it exists in a large spectrum of interconnected web-based tools. Accordingly, the rollout of Pages has coincided with more a refined set of partner APIs, making for more streamlined integration between LinkedIn and other applications and services. Whether you’re using Crunchbase to extract investor information and funding insights or Hootsuite to manage your company’s social media presence, you’ll find that LinkedIn and their Pages feature will get along better than ever with your preferred tools. It’s clear that Pages brings quite a lot to the table, so don’t hesitate to dive in.

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Why Employers Should Use the New and Improved LinkedIn Pages

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