5 Key Resume Trends to Consider

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Your resume is most likely the first point of contact that a recruiter or hiring manager will have with you as a professional. As such, one of your top priorities should be to keep this crucial document up to standard. Here are 5 current trends that every job seeker should consider.


Social Media Links


With sites like LinkedIn redefining the modern professional landscape, these platforms are integral to the way you represent yourself as a job seeker. It should come as no surprise, then, that it’s more popular than ever for candidates to place links to their social profiles (and even websites) in their resumes. This is a great way to give an employer a more comprehensive sense of who you are, not to mention spare them the extra steps they would take to research you anyway!


Targeted Resumes


Recruiting experts often say that you should tailor your resume to align with the specific traits of the given job and company. This is more important now than ever. You should not only highlight skills and experiences that are most relevant to the position, but also use keywords that correspond to what is said in the job posting. Resume screening software is increasingly commonplace, so using the right keywords can help you get past that first layer of analysis. 


Smart Use of White Space


The job of a recruiter or hiring manager can be highly repetitive. Spending hours reading countless resumes means that time-efficiency is essential, so fast skimming is often necessary. You’ll make that person’s job far easier if your resume is easy to read in this way. This is why using white space effectively is a highly important design technique these days. Arrange the sections of your resume as precisely as you can, and don’t allow it to get too crowded! 


Useful Metrics…


Let’s say you’re an employer and you read a dozen resumes in a row that all use the term “results-oriented”. If none of these candidates list any of the actual results they’ve gotten in their careers, will you take it as meaningful information? Probably not. More and more job seekers are using numbers to their advantage. Whether it was an increase in sales or in customer satisfaction, try to get some figures attributable to your work. This is gold for your resume. 


…Balanced by a Human Touch


Hard data can certainly be encouraging to a hiring manager who wants a clear sense of the impact you’ve had on the companies you’ve worked for. At the same time, however, the highly competitive nature of today’s professional climate means that showing your personality within your resume is an excellent way to stand out. Highlight your ability to work with other people and express yourself in a writing style that is simultaneously professional, distinctive, and engaging.


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5 Key Resume Trends to Consider

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