Your Job Search and the Holiday Season

Your Job Search and the Holiday Season - Summit Search Group - Calgary Employment AgencyThe professional world is highly cyclical. Almost all things are affected by the shifting of trends, months, seasons, and more. Recruitment is no different, so it might be wise to consider how the coming holidays might affect your search for the perfect job.

Ups and Downs

Understanding how businesses and recruiters shift their priorities and tendencies throughout the seasons can be highly advantageous. The question is: “when is the best time to look for a job?” It’s a common inquiry, but it’s important that you accompany it with a detailed consideration for what industry you work in. The ebb and flow of hiring trends can differ significantly depending on what skills, experience, and interests you have, not to mention your educational background. The takeaway from this is simple. Pay attention to the details of your circumstances!

Rethinking Assumptions

It is often said that two of the best times to double down on your job hunting efforts are the first two months of the year and in the fall. If this is true, what does it mean for the holidays? Many people tend to find temporary seasonal jobs around this time, so would this indicate that you won’t secure a long-term position around this time of year? Not necessarily! Many human resources and recruitment professionals regard the “hiring season” idea to be useful, but certainly not an exact science. You should therefore avoid the assumption that your efforts during the holiday season aren’t worth it.

What to Focus On

Instead of admitting defeat at the end of fall, take advantage of the period between November and January to do your research on the companies you’re drawn to. Along with this, you should see this as an opportunity to restructure your strategy. Make some improvements to the way in which you brand yourself, learn from the mistakes you may have made in interviews and with your  résumé or cover letter, and rekindle the connections you have with professional acquaintances by wishing them a happy holiday. The coming of a new year means a new beginning for your search, so don’t lose sight of that dream job!

No matter what time of year it is, each decision you make and all of the research you do can define the direction of your professional life. Summit Search Group is the Calgary employment agency that can help put you on the right path. Try our job search portal today!

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Your Job Search and the Holiday Season

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