What Is Corporate Social Responsibility?

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Your business may be focused mostly on maximizing revenue and securing incremental growth, but no company exists in a vacuum. The choices you make as an entrepreneur affect and are influenced by countless social factors. This is what corporate social responsibility is all about.


CSR in a Nutshell


Simply put, corporate social responsibility (CSR) places conscientious entrepreneurial practices above profitability. It provides a framework for explicitly and measurably committing to ethical decision-making within your business. This typically manifests in specific programs and measures shaped by a clearly outlined concern and a transparent methodology for implementation. It also involves investment of time, money, and resources that ensure the most effective results. This not only improves brand image and encourages innovation, it allows your company to support important causes and make a difference by doing what’s right.


Key Examples


Corporate social responsibility can take countless forms. It may begin with considering your supply chain and who your business partners are. You can then establish an initiative to work exclusively with those who meet certain criteria for social responsibility. You may also pledge to strive for sustainability and work towards reducing the environmental impact of your business. Meanwhile, it’s common for businesses to make CSR-driven commitments by supporting charitable and activist organizations, helping raise awareness for pertinent causes, or donating employee time for volunteer-based groups. There are plenty of options to explore.


What It Means for Recruitment


Issues in recruitment and HR such as diversity, pay equality, and employee relations are deeply shaped by important social factors. Companies can demonstrate their conscientiousness in these areas by committing to CSR-driven initiatives for improvement, whether it means reaching certain benchmarks for diversity or helping set new standards in pay transparency. This can help you develop a more ethical and equitable workplace, which ultimately means a happier, more productive team. You’re not just helping to make your company a better environment for all professionals, you’re attracting great people who will stay with you in the long run!

Is your recruitment strategy informed by strong social responsibility? What about the other aspects of your business and your team? At Summit Search Group, it’s our goal to help you make the best recruitment decisions you can, so contact an office near you to get started!

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