3 Warning Signs When Considering a Job Candidate

3 Warning Signs When Considering a Job Candidate - Summit Search Group - Recruitment Agency Calgary

Sometimes it’s quite clear when a job candidate simply isn’t right for your company. Unprepared, unmotivated, or uncommitted professionals are often easy to spot. Still, even when a candidate seems promising, there are more subtle warning signs to look out for. Here are a few examples.

Poor Listening Skills

Without a doubt, you’ve either read or written a job posting that asks for professionals with “excellent communication skills”. It’s only natural to be enticed by an applicant who has a way with words, whether in their cover letter or during an interview. Still, being articulate and being a strong communicator are not the same thing. Communication is a two-way street, and without listening skills to match that eloquence, problems are bound to arise. An enduring addition to your team will be much more than an expressive speaker, they’ll be a fully engaged listener. It’s a skill in and of itself, so you may want to think twice about applicants who don’t display it.

Overly Refined

You probably want a recruit who is presentable, disciplined, well-organized, and who values professionalism. That being said, is there such thing as being too professional? We of course don’t mean that it’s possible for someone to arrive on time too often or to have too many positive references. Instead, it may be wise to be wary of those who respond to questions with answers that seem rehearsed, pre-packaged, or lacking in individuality. Additionally, a key part of growing and developing as a professional is taking risks. Candidates who are overly refined may shy away from new responsibilities in order to continue excelling where they already excel.

Lack of Self-Awareness

A person’s journey throughout their industry doesn’t lead to much success without a strong understanding of one’s own strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, and potential. This kind of self-awareness is essential. It’s about balancing a belief in oneself with humility. Many job candidates may know quite a bit about their work, but if they’re unaware of the gaps in their knowledge and experience (or simply don’t want to admit to them), they’re lacking a crucial step needed for their growth. Candidates who possess a certain entitlement to success without a willingness to learn and receive criticism probably won’t make the best additions to your team.

Whether you’re a hiring manager looking for the ideal candidate or you’re a jobseeker seeking the next stage in your career, Summit Search Group is here to help. It’s our mission to bring talented professionals and growing businesses together, so get in touch to find out more today!

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3 Warning Signs When Considering a Job Candidate

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