Understanding a Candidate-Driven Market

Summit Search GroupThe recruitment process is a delicate balance between seeking out the right talent and ensuring that the right talent will come to you. Maintaining this balance requires an up-to-date philosophy, one which bears in mind just how much leverage candidates can have in the job market today.


Many hiring managers will see their company as a desirable workplace for any employee, believing that it’s entirely up to the candidates to prove themselves. Over the years, however, it’s become evident that in many cases, the job seekers hold the cards. This is what is meant by the term “candidate-driven.” Modern talent acquisition needs to operate on the premise that the labour market is competitive and promising candidates have a lot of opportunities. It’s not easy to attract the right talent and build a team that will help your company thrive, so you should consider how you can prove yourself as an employer.

Bringing Them to You

One place to start when reshaping your recruitment philosophy in this regard is to take a page from the book of marketing. Inbound marketing in particular has become one of the dominant modes of facilitating company growth in the internet age, and the principles underlying it have trickled down to the recruitment process. How are you branding yourself as an employer? How well are you expressing your company culture in the content you put out into the job market? How well do you know your target candidates, and how can you work harder to appeal to them? Give them as many reasons as possible to come to you.

Combining Your Resources

Using your company website, social media, and even the right tone and style in job postings are all essential in creating an enticing image to attract candidates. However, this is not to say that active sourcing of talent is passé and worth abandoning. In fact, quite the contrary. Job candidates have more ways than ever to discover open positions, and you should seek them out through these resources. A recruitment agency with a wide reach is one of your greatest assets in this case. Combine their talent-sourcing expertise with your engaging presence as a company and your recruitment strategy will be more effective than ever.

Do you have a plan for building a great team in today’s candidate-driven job market? An experienced recruitment agency can expand your reach and zero in on the candidates who match your needs and your culture. Get in touch with a Summit Search office near you today!

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Understanding a Candidate-Driven Market

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