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The Recruiter’s Toolkit: Aman Sodi on Attention to Detail and the Power of Committing to People

Summit Search Group

Aman Sodi

Director, Recruitment

Aman Sodi

Director, Recruitment

“Every single thing we do is built around detail,” Aman shares. “While they may seem small at the time, these bits and pieces of information all play a role in the hiring process. These small moments add up in a very holistic way to create a complete experience for both clients and candidates.”

In her work at Summit Search Group, recruiting specialist Aman Sodi builds every search on a foundation of collecting the right information: details about the role, the client, and the candidate all play a key part in helping her tell the right story to make the match. “Everything we do is built around detail, and we use an extensive, executive-style search model when we’re recruiting at any level. It’s a complex process, but it provides genuine, lasting value for everyone.”

We took a deep dive with Aman into the fine details of the hiring process: what information matters when we’re defining a role, how can we unpack the right pieces to build connections, and why does it matter, anyway?

Unpacking Each Role for Authentic Recruitment

Aman and her team always start their search with a dedicated kickoff call, taking the time to ask a client as many questions as possible.

“Our kickoff calls are so, so detailed!” she notes. “Any information we can get up front makes the process stronger, smoother, and more impactful at each step. We dive deep. We need to be able to speak clearly about the role and communicate it as completely as we can: it helps us to establish trust.

While the truth is that we can’t always know everything from the beginning, we’ll find out! We do our best to start with as much information as possible. Sometimes, it can even come down to phrasing our questions properly to uncover the right nuance: that’s our level of detail.”

Aman adds that, in such a busy market, this process helps set each role apart from the rest. “The industry is so noisy, and that extra detail is what makes our communication more authentic, clear, and genuine: the extra texture really resonates with candidates. They can fully understand a client’s expectations for a role, know what they’re aiming to achieve, and recognize the challenges they’ll face.”

Key Information for Crafting Connections in Hiring

Even when a given role seems straightforward, Aman prepares to tackle a lot of questions.

“Candidates expect us to know everything about a client, and we want to be able to give them answers. The lifestyle, the culture, the work-life balance, the cost of living, the accommodations, the amenities: they want to know what to expect from an opportunity. We need to have this information.” she says. “These details are non-negotiable. Candidates want to know: what’s the benefits package? When does it start? Are my kids included? We’re essentially their experts on the position.”

For Aman, certain make or break details rise to the top of the list in a search.

  • A role’s total compensation package. It’s so much more than just a base salary!
  • A candidate’s complete profile: where have they been, what have they done, and how does that align with a client?
  • Pensions, perks, benefits, bonuses, and unique company policies around benefits. It’s key information to help advocate for a candidate’s maximum benefits.
  • Timeline expectations: what’s a candidate’s notice period? Do you have upcoming vacation plans? The schedule may not be as standard as you’d think.
  • What projects are coming up for a given role, and what technology is required? It’s important to be open and communicate clear expectations.

“At the end of the day, we work on a holistic basis,” she adds. “What might seem small can prove to be a really big deal. That’s the detail we leverage to take a role to the market, and use it as a tool to pique the right candidates’ interest. Once we make a connection, we work to ensure that everyone benefits from a match. We never want anyone to be surprised, confused, or disappointed.”

Building Long-Term Relationships with Every Detail

At Summit Search Group, the passion for detail is never about piling on information for the sake of information: it’s always about people.

“The details don’t just fall under one aspect of the search: it’s literally every part of the process,” Aman laughs. “We are advocates. We’re here to establish clarity for everyone. When we get to the offer stage, everything has already been covered: we confirm each piece along the way. We secure complete offers, and we build relationships that last.”

She points out that these relationships build a solid base in helping the team communicate crystal-clear expectations as clients grow with them over time. “We sustain our client relationships: we get to know them better and better so we can communicate about the organization holistically and clearly. This longevity is a huge asset: we really become an extension of our client’s HR department. We’re part of the same practice.”

When asked whether all the extra time is worth it in the end, Aman makes it clear that skipping out on these steps is never an option. “Relationship building: that’s me. It’s me being authentic. I know that the devil is in the details; a search with us needs to be a seamless process for all parties. We take a lot of pride in ensuring that everyone feels supported and has as much information as possible. It’s a win/win in the end, for everybody!”

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The Recruiter’s Toolkit: Aman Sodi on Attention to Detail and the Power of Committing to People

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