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Summit Search Group is your Company’s Talent Pipeline

Does your company operate in a historically talent-starved industry? Are you constantly looking for talented individuals to bring onto your team? If so, you should consider fostering your own organizational talent pipeline.

Summit Search is your Company’s Talent Pipeline - Summit Search - Staffing specialists albertaAt Summit Search, we can be your one-stop-shop for all the talent your company needs to be successful. If you’re wondering why you should need to work with a recruitment specialist, here are a few important reasons to build your own talent pipeline:

Reduces Time Spent in the Hiring Process

One of the most frustrating parts about searching for your own talent is the amount of time you’ll spend focusing on the hiring process. When your company has other objectives and quotas to meet, spending excessive time on hiring can be incredibly detrimental.

By establishing a talent pipeline and taking the time to nurture ongoing relationships with talent, you can fill an unforeseen vacancy much more quickly and efficiently. Some reports have even suggested that maintaining your own talent pipeline can reduce time-to-hire by as much as 50%. 

Minimizes Disruptions

As you’ve most likely experienced, unexpected vacancies can compromise the productivity of your entire team, causing an extensive disruption in your ability to provide the products or services your customers expect.

Disruptions can spiral out of control quickly and can become a permanent issue if they begin to affect customer satisfaction. Maintaining a strong talent pipeline will help you fill unexpected vacancies quickly and reduce these costly disruptions. 

Leads to More Successful Interviews

Because you’ve established a relationship with the talent well before they’re called in for an interview, you take a certain degree of nerves out of the equation. Client research has actually demonstrated that this prior connection makes interviews with individuals from your pipeline an astounding 7 times more successful than interviews with candidates that are stepping in your doors for the very first time. 

Decreases your ‘Cost-per-Hire’

You should certainly recognize that establishing a well-rounded talent pipeline will require an initial investment. However, once your pipeline is established, your hiring process will become infinitely more efficient.

Efficiency, in this case, can lead directly to significant cost savings. Research has shown that companies with an established talent pipeline are likely to see a return on their investment that is 10-15 times greater than those without a credible pipeline. 

Helps You Find the Best Talent

At the end of the day, everyone wants the best talent available. Quality employees can be the difference between middling success and industry-shattering innovation. Having an established talent pipeline means that you’ve already established an interpersonal relationship with candidates so that, when a position does become available, you’re less likely to find yourself in a salary war with a competitor. 

If your company has been struggling to make talented hires for the last few years, you must start building your own talent pipeline now. Please don’t hesitate to contact the recruitment professional at Summit Search today!

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Summit Search Group is your Company’s Talent Pipeline

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