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Recruitment Agencies – Take the Headache out of The Recruitment Process

Canadian Recruitment Agencies are some of the most capable when it comes to the strategic acquisition of manpower. Canada’s continuation of a stable employment environment means that Recruitment Agencies across Canada are constantly tested for their ability to perform in all areas of talent acquisition.  So with a strong employment trend in Canada you may be wondering why companies still elect to turn to Recruiting Teams to assist them in all aspects of hiring needs. Well the number one headache for hiring companies is being able to source qualified candidates in a timely manner – something top Canadian Recruiters excel at.

Canadian Recruiters – Search Professionals
Clients motivation to enlist the services of a Canadian Recruitment Agency is often motivated by the lack of success they have had in not only sourcing top candidates but retaining an employee due to incompatibility with corporate culture. These frustrating, time consuming, and economically draining circumstances are quantifiably addressed by the comprehensive search and selection process top Recruiting firms utilize. Today’s top Recruiters are constantly tasked with companies ongoing need for talent and resulting competitive market – which creates an essential proactive approach to the recruitment process. Successful recruitment demands a strategic approach that safeguards the continual supply of suitable, qualified talent.

Recruiting teams are experts at helping companies define the unique intrinsic qualities and competencies – beyond qualifications – that will allow a candidate to thrive within a corporation’s culture. Self-hiring by companies is often unsuccessful due to focus only being given to the qualifications and experience of candidates. For effective long-term retention an accurate assessment of job criteria, along with a corporation’s dynamics, has to be achieved so that only candidates are pursued whose qualifications, and personality, fits the needs of the company.

Profiling – A Recruiter’s Task
Canadian Recruiting Companies understand that it’s not just about qualifications. Obviously attention is given to ensure that candidates meet the required educational standards
– however recruitment specialists also work closely with companies to establish the necessary characteristics and attitudes essential for a new hire to thrive within an organization. Assisting companies build a profile of the ‘ideal candidate’ means that a recruiting agency seeks clarification of the position itself. This clarification involves verifying that job descriptions are current with the present demands of the position – so that an accurate picture of required skill levels, experience, and key competencies can be created. This step may seem simplistic but is of value to the hiring company and recruiting team, as it produces a road-map for hiring success.

Let the Search Begin
With a clear understanding of a required fit – a recruiting team is able to source suitable candidates by strategically focusing on the pre-established road-map.
The end result is that a Recruiting Firm can successfully source desired talent; and present companies with individuals who not only bring the qualifications but who bring the requested personality traits and strengths that ensure long-term retention.

Summit Search Group is a Canadian Recruiting Firm with offices nationwide. Providing recruitment services to all industries and level of positions – this recruitment firm focuses on assisting hiring companies establish clear recruitment goals. Creating a partnering dynamic, through open dialogue, Summit Search Group’s recruiters work closely with hiring managers to ensure that all recruitment needs are being effectively met. Contact Summit Search Group today for all your recruitment requirements.

By Bruce Proctor 


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Recruitment Agencies – Take the Headache out of The Recruitment Process

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