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Are Recruiting Operations Essential to Business Growth?

Recruitment is the process of attracting and hiring the right person for a job vacancy. It involves determining the requirements of a position, attracting applicants, screening and selecting possible employees, and hiring and integrating new personnel. What does employee recruitment have to do with business growth? Employees are a valuable resource. Engaged, productive and organized […]

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Better Hiring Decisions! The Power of Executive Search

This article was originally published by Executives depend on the quality of their people to achieve their corporate and personal career goals. It is an old adage – and a true one – that the best jockey cannot win races if he only rides slow horses. A better understanding of the skills and abilities […]

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Dealing with Funnel Challenges when Recruiting

Dealing with Tunnel Challenges when Recruiting - Summit Search Group - Staffing Agency Canada - Featured Image

A recruitment funnel is made of potential hires, both active job seekers and passive candidates. Carefully managing your recruitment funnel ensures the best and brightest candidates make it to the hiring stage. How do you ensure your funnel is filled with top prospects? Should you cast a wide net or narrow your search? The Wide […]

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The Onboarding Process

The Onboarding Process - Summit Search Group - Staffing Agency - Featured Image

Onboarding, also known as organizational socialization, is the process of integrating a new employee with a company and its culture. The procedure may take from 8 to 12 months and involves helping a new hire gain the tools, information, knowledge, skills and behaviors needed to become an effective organizational member. It’s in a company’s best […]

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Structured Hiring Tips

Structured Hiring Tips - Summit Search Group - Staffing Agency - Featured Image

Structured hiring produces a consistent method of evaluating candidates, encourages decisions based on evidence/data, minimizes interviewer bias and reduces the time and cost of hiring. This technique creates a positive experience for all involved; candidates feel their time and effort is respected, recruiters are able to predict when the job will be filled, interviewers know […]

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MY BUSINESS MAGAZINE Feature: Matt Erhard, Professional & Executive Recruiter

Identifying, attracting, and recruiting top professional talent is one of the biggest and most important challenges facing organizations. Today, the best talent has more options than ever before. Organizations must be strategic to recruit and retain the best people. Professional Recruiter, Matt Erhard, is passionate about getting the right person in the right role. “There […]

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Common Elements of Successful Company Culture

Common Elements of Successful Company Culture - Summit Search Group - Staffing Agency - Featured Image

Company culture is the personality of an organization. It’s comprised of the physical environment, values, expectations, goals, behaviours, attitudes and traditions of a company. Though each organization’s culture is unique, there are common elements present in all successful company cultures.   A clear mission statement is a foundational element of company culture providing employees with a […]

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Generational Hiring: the benefits of age diversity in hiring practices

Generational Hiring: the benefits of age diversity in hiring practices - Summit Search Group - Staffing Agency - Featured Image

Discussion in boardrooms often focuses on diversity through gender and ethnicity. While this is important, age diversity is equally relevant. For the first time in history, our workforce is comprised of 5 generations of employees; the Silent Generation (ages 74 to 94), Baby Boomers (ages 55 to 73), Generation X (ages 39 to 54), Generation […]

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MANITOBA FILM & MUSIC Board of Directors Appoints Rachel Rusen Margolis as CEO and Manitoba Film Commissioner

WINNIPEG, OCT 18, 2019 The Board of Directors of Manitoba Film & Sound Recording Development Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Rachel Rusen Margolis as Chief Executive Officer and Manitoba Film Commissioner effective October 16, 2019.   The appointment was made after an extensive nation-wide effort conducted by Summit Search Group in partnership […]

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What Is Corporate Social Responsibility?

What Is Corporate Social Responsibility? - Summit Search Group - Staffing Agency Canada - Featured Image

Your business may be focused mostly on maximizing revenue and securing incremental growth, but no company exists in a vacuum. The choices you make as an entrepreneur affect and are influenced by countless social factors. This is what corporate social responsibility is all about.   CSR in a Nutshell   Simply put, corporate social responsibility […]

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