Is Your LinkedIn Profile Lacking Visual Content?

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Lacking Visual Content? - Summit Search Group - Calgary Employment AgencySome job seekers might see LinkedIn as merely a glorified resume and networking tool. If you think of it in these limited terms, however, you’ll only be limiting the success of your job search! Visual content is one way you can take things to a higher level.

Why It’s Necessary

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Wrong! Even if you have a well-written profile, writing can only get you so far. Content is now as diverse and eye-catching as ever, so you’re in competition with job seekers whose profiles make strategic use of rich visual information. If you don’t keep up, you’ll probably be left in the dust. The other important thing to keep in mind is blogging and content culture at large. A truly good website can’t go without good content, so there are certain expectations that recruiters will have about how you brand yourself. Great use of visual media can help you to meet and even exceed those expectations.

What You Can Do

The first visual base you should have covered (other than your profile photo, obviously) is your background photo. Choose wisely, as it should set the tone for your visual brand in a professional way. Secondly, every piece of content you write, whether you’re using the Publisher platform or linking an RSS feed, should be accompanied with relevant images. Infographics are good for articulating concepts visually. Be sure that links to external articles are accompanied by images too! Thirdly, explore the possibilities of features like SlideShare and video. If you have a lot to say and produce your content well, it will add a whole new layer of legitimacy to your brand as a candidate.

Things to Avoid

Always be sure to stay away from generating visual content that doesn’t serve an explicit and useful purpose. Employers can tell when you’re being flashy just for its own sake. You may be moved aside in favour of someone else. It’s about quality, not quantity! The same goes for the actual resolution and creative quality of the images themselves. Few things scream “don’t hire me” more than pixelated or boring graphics. Last but not least, keep your visual content relevant, on-brand, and appropriate for the platform at hand.

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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Lacking Visual Content?

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