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Industry Insiders: Mike Gosine on Recruitment in Technology

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Mike Gosine


Mike Gosine


Rapidly evolving products, innovative companies, and sophisticated solutions to everyday problems make the tech industry an exciting place to work.

Our own Summit Search Group technology insider, Mike Gosine, works with sales leaders and operational experts in IT, software, and telecommunications every day. “There’s a lot going on in the industry right now — technology professionals have been affected by COVID, just like everybody else, but we’ve also seen a distinct boost and very specific new demands. Niche software, cloud infrastructure, telecommunication services and equipment, and cybersecurity have become increasingly critical to everyday life, especially to remote education and work.”

We got the scoop from Mike on what’s new in technology recruiting, and what we should look for in the year to come. 

Industry Challenges for Technology Hiring

Do you have a better deal?

Today’s tech talent is in demand, and they’re used to it. The biggest challenge facing any company is in the quality of the offer they can provide: your deal needs to be better than what the competition has on the table, especially when you’re seeking a stellar new employee.

“It’s hard to find top talent who are willing to leave their current situation. Leaving a role that is familiar for the unknown can be daunting, so in order to attract top talent, organizations need to have a really good value proposition,” Mike says. 

“This is always a challenge, but especially now. We’re looking for very particular, focused skill sets — the best candidates offer an understanding of what’s hot in the industry, and its value to a potential customer. Those people want more than just competitive compensation. They’re looking for more advantages from a new employer, like a strong culture and growth opportunities, to boost them over that hurdle to try something new.”

What’s next for Technology Recruitment?

In an industry dedicated to constantly reinventing itself and its products, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a great deal of innovation in the past year — and there’s more to come. 

“Remote work isn’t going anywhere,” Mike begins. “Employees might not be working from home 100% of the time in the future, but they will expect remote technology to be integrated into their everyday work life. In terms of sales trends, this is great for the technology companies who keep everybody connected — cloud, virtualization, and telecommunications specialists, to start.”

“We do significant work with these tech sales teams, and while the demand is exciting right now, the solution to long-term relationship building for these professionals remains to be seen. To be successful, sales people have to immerse themselves in a client’s organization. While some are still meeting at clients’ discretion, many are limited to at least some Zoom restrictions, and some of their work has gone 100% digital.”

It’s not just sales teams, either. Mike cautions that both companies and candidates need to be prepared for their interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes to rely on the same tech tools they provide to their clients. 

Hiring Strategies for the Technology and Telecommunications Sectors

“While technology itself changes so fast, a lot of the recruitment game really hasn’t changed significantly,” Mike advises. “Candidates need to be prepared for a rigorous interview process, and they need to put their best foot forward: be direct, concise, well-researched, and well versed on the organization you’re getting to know. Have great questions and a strong elevator pitch. Follow-up thoroughly. And above all, be able to quantify the opportunity for yourself and know what’s going on in the market for accurate context.”

Mike’s strategies aren’t only for technology talent. He cautions companies to pay particular attention to the hiring process from their side, too. Most importantly, he reminds them to stick to it — timelines and all.

“Time to hire is lengthening recently, more than anything, which can cause companies to lose out on great hires. It’s key to strike a balance of doing your due diligence while moving quickly enough to secure good talent. Work to define a really clear hiring process and be sure to stick to the timeline. This is where high-demand talent can get lost, because people just don’t stay on the market that long. Be sure to keep promising candidates with your key skill sets engaged from the beginning, and show them the responsiveness and attention to keep everyone on the right path to continue forward.” 

Tips for Finding Top Tech Talent

To recruit exceptional talent in technology, Mike aims to maximize opportunity for both his candidates and clients. 

“Despite everything that we’ve seen change in 2020, the recipe for an outstanding candidate persists and it’s all about potential,” he details. “A long tenure, a proven track record, a strong business acumen and really strong communication, all backed up by the ability to adapt and learn quickly and confidently: those are the people who thrive here.”

Mike also emphasizes the importance of culture to help ground an organization and create a genuine connection with potential hires. “It’s increasingly important to hire for culture, and to be sure a candidate stacks up well to your core values and mission. It’s equally important to define and pitch that culture to a candidate. To talent, strong culture can mean opportunities for growth. It can make a big impact on their future success. An organization who can answer the question ‘Why work here?’ really connects with great talent, and has the chance to present the exceptional value propositions they seek.”

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Industry Insiders: Mike Gosine on Recruitment in Technology

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