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Industry Insiders: Kelly Burrows on Healthcare Recruitment

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Kelly Burrows

Senior Partner

Kelly Burrows

Senior Partner

Talent in the healthcare industry is more important than ever. In the wake of one of the most striking challenges that’s ever been seen in modern medicine, we’re proud to support our industry-leading healthcare clients with access and insight to the most exceptional healthcare talent nationwide.

How do healthcare employers define and identify truly top talent, and what do these professions really look like on a day to day basis?  Don’t worry, the team at Summit is here to support and to provide resources and information.

Read on to learn about some of the healthcare industry’s challenges, unique hiring subtleties, and the standout traits of the most exciting and sought-after candidates.

Healthcare Industry Challenges and Demands

It’s impossible to address the current challenges to our healthcare system without considering the worldwide impact of COVID-19. Our systems, personnel, and tools are all finding themselves put to the test by this unprecedented pandemic.

Prior to this current healthcare crisis, we already knew that longer human lifespans and our ever-increasing aged population would be key challenges to be addressed by healthcare professionals.  Global healthcare issues, new and evolving illnesses, and the struggle to keep health and wellness in step with tech-heavy lifestyles are some of the major geo-medical issues that face passionate and dedicated healthcare professionals and the organizations that employ them.

The Unique Complexity of Healthcare Recruiting

At Summit Search Group, our team is proud to have built strong recruiting expertise over the last 20 years and we have fostered a deep contact network of employers and candidates in medical devices and equipment, life sciences, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals among others.  Every day we connect top talent with industry leading healthcare organizations in cities across Canada.

In order to continually provide value to our clients we must stay current and up to date with industry specific staffing trends and other subtleties in each of these niche markets.  Our experienced recruitment consultants know that the top medical sales talent today must possess the perfect combination of razor-sharp business acumen combined with strong expertise of medical technology and fully understand how clinical teams collaboratively leverage these resources to provide the very best patient care possible.

Top ranking sales professionals specializing in selling surgical systems and equipment must always be honing their expertise with incredibly advanced and rapidly changing technology.

In order to successfully manage a long and complex sales process amongst multiple decisions makers these sales experts balance their professional patience, personal drive, and passion for patient care.  Top players in this field wear many hats and are equally successful pitching a huge sales presentation in a boardroom and then later that same day helping a surgeon troubleshoot a technical problem that arises during a surgical procedure.

As our in-house healthcare recruiting expert Kelly Burrows notes, “The clinical aspect of this type of sales role is very unique and comes with a high degree of pressure.  There is a lot on the line here and you need to be ready, willing, and able to perform as a key resource to the medical team at critical stages during cases.”

This type of sales is not simply closing a deal and selling a piece of equipment, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Tips for Finding Top Healthcare Talent

Recruitment today in the healthcare industry demands much more specific, niche recruiting expertise than ever before. As Kelly says, “The healthcare landscape continues to evolve but now with Covid-19 this evolution is happening at lightning speed. There is a real need for more complex and sophisticated healthcare technology, products and services and this requires more specialized sales experts and expertise.  Now more than ever top healthcare companies want to hire business minded sales professionals with a high level of scientific and technical expertise coupled with a true desire to help improve patient care and health outcomes.”

Top candidates must bring all these elements to the table to win the job and be successful in this demanding and rewarding profession.  And top companies rely on Summit to connect them with this highest caliber of talent.

To learn more about healthcare recruitment, reach out to our specialists at Summit Search Group today.

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Industry Insiders: Kelly Burrows on Healthcare Recruitment

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