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New Grads Turn to Canada’s Recruiting Agencies

We’re fast approaching that time of year when mortarboards go flying (briefly) skyward and proud graduating students hit the pavement in search of their dream job. But ‘pounding the pavement’ is an outmoded method of job searching in Canada. Today’s graduates know that top Canadian Recruiting Agencies are current with the availability of dream careers and are on-hand to assist graduates with all aspects of successful job placement.

Canadian Recruiters Understand the Hiring Process
Recruiting Agencies are specialists when it comes to understanding the unique aspects of effective job placement.
Canadian Recruiters work constantly to stay on-top of industry demands and develop in-depth knowledge of career specifics. For recruiting teams to be considered successful in their own industry demands that they possess skills in creating strong sourcing channels, be effective in networking, and attracting both active and passive candidates, and be constantly cultivating and perfecting candidate placement. Canadian Recruiters aren’t sitting around waiting for the phone to ring – they are actively creating every opportunity for a prosperous recruitment situation. The ability for recruiting firms to be ahead of the game when it comes to recognizing career prospects makes them the perfect resource for a new graduate.

Recruiters Provide Guidance
Specialized Recruiting teams are equipped to provide valuable assistance and support to job seekers – especially when it comes to knowledge of niche markets. Recruiters who work within target markets such as, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical Sales, and Financial Services have extensive knowledge of industry requirements
– allowing recruiters to offer advice to new grads regarding career potential and placement suitability. Canadian Recruiting Firms don’t just fill positions – they work to determine the distinct requirements a hiring company has and then focus on meeting the hiring objectives. Long-term retention of top talent is always the aim of any respected recruiting firm – a grad can find a job – a recruiter will source a career.

Top Recruiting Agencies in Canada also incorporate the use of technology to stay on top of career prospects and industry shifts. Using Social Media platforms to both track and advertise job postings means recruiting firms create pools of followers – what better way to have constant access to desired talent and sought after positions. And the utilization of online networking lets a recruiting team cover significant ground; improving a graduate’s chance of obtaining a desirable job quickly.

Negotiation – A Recruiter’s Strength
Canadian Recruiters are the liaisons between you and your potential employer.
This translates to having someone in your corner when it comes to negotiating an employment offer. Working with a recruiting company provides graduates with numerous opportunities to be coached throughout the hiring process. Gaining knowledge of salary expectations, benefit packages and position longevity, allows the job seeker to apply for positions that meet their career goals. But trusted recruiters will always tell it as it is – which means sometimes bursting bubbles when it comes to grad-level salaries and job criteria.

Honesty, integrity, and clear communication are the foundation of Summit Search Group’s process when it comes to assisting graduates finding their dream job. Summit’s team of specialized recruiters are available to source positions for all industries and level of positions. For a great career start contact this Canadian Recruitment Firm today.

By Bruce Proctor 




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New Grads Turn to Canada’s Recruiting Agencies

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