Dealing with Funnel Challenges when Recruiting

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A recruitment funnel is made of potential hires, both active job seekers and passive candidates. Carefully managing your recruitment funnel ensures the best and brightest candidates make it to the hiring stage. How do you ensure your funnel is filled with top prospects? Should you cast a wide net or narrow your search?

The Wide Net Approach:

The wide net approach involves active and passive recruiting. Active recruiting is an attempt to attract those seeking employment through job postings, job boards, use of career sites, job fairs, etc. Passive recruiting involves courting potential candidates who are not currently looking for a job by familiarizing them with your brand; making your presence known through active social media pages, trade magazines, industry blogs and related websites. It involves establishing a relationship with possible candidates and may include wining and dining potential prospects. Internal hiring, referrals and consideration of past candidates are all part of passive recruiting. Once active and passive recruitment methods have filled the recruitment funnel, prospect data (resume details, social profiles, etc.) is run through recruitment software to narrow the prospects and optimize the hiring process. 

The Narrow Search Approach:

The narrow search approach is an attempt to fill the funnel with a smaller but better qualified applicant pool. This is accomplished by providing a detailed and realistic preview of the job in an attempt to discourage applications from those that would be unhappy or unsuccessful in the position. The preview makes clear the skills and experience required, what is difficult and challenging about the position as well as what is rewarding. A pre-employment test may also be used allowing applicants to see how well (or not) they fit with the company culture and the available position before they apply. With the narrow search approach, filling the recruitment funnel is less important that attracting quality candidates.

Whether you use the wide net approach or a narrow search method, it takes time and effort to attract qualified applicants, hire top candidates and build a company of great employees. Consider using a recruitment agency. You will save time, fill your recruitment funnel with the best candidates, reap the benefits of current market knowledge and take advantage of recruitment expertise. 

For all your recruitment needs, contact Summit Search Group. We provide deep industry knowledge, the latest recruitment technology, extensive market research, a nationwide network of recruiters, and open dialogue with clients and candidates. Contact our office today.


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Dealing with Funnel Challenges when Recruiting

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