How to Cope With Job Interview Rejection

Your New Year’s goal is to land your dream job, and you’ve been enthusiastically applying for positions within respected companies but have yet to receive a job offer or second interview.  You’re probably feeling a little down (understandably) as rejection of any sort never feels good – but don’t let the challenges of job hunting dent your confidence as there are actions you can take to improve your chances of being hired – and Canadian Head Hunters and Recruitment Specialists at Summit Search Group have some tips to make your job search successful.

Head Hunters and Recruitment Agencies across Canada hear the stories of rejection, and resulting disappointment, from candidates who to turn to Recruitment Specialists for advise, guidance, and assistance in their job search success.  Utilizing the skills and contacts of an experienced career recruiter can make the difference between rejection and career advancement, as successful Recruiting Firms don’t just compile lists of available positions and candidates, but work closely with both hiring companies and applicants to create a clear picture of expectations, opportunities, and potential deal-breakers.

One of the first things Summit Search Group does when working with career candidates who have experienced job interview rejection is address any lingering self-defeating thoughts and begin to coach the candidate on focusing on strengths, unique talents, and ways to address areas that require development.  Though job rejection can be a knock to the ego – it’s also an opportunity to re-evaluate a career path, acknowledge overlooked skills and attributes, and get clear on why job rejection is occurring.  Applying the knowledge and recommendations of a Canadian Recruitment Team empowers the career seeker to move past defeats and keep events in perspective – but more importantly the job candidate is able to keep motivated and continue applying for that dream job with the support of a Recruitment Specialist.
Canadian Recruitment Specialists at Summit Search Group encourage Executive Professionals and Career Candidates to reach out for help if the career search is presenting challenges of any sort.  A big part of career success is keeping your confidence high and continuing to believe in your accomplishments through setbacks and challenges – and using the trusted and proven expertise of Summit Search Group is a great way to ensure that career success is attained and the job search process is stress free.  Looking for career advancement and fulfillment – contact Summit Search Group today.

By Bruce Proctor 

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How to Cope With Job Interview Rejection

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