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Are the Holidays a Bad Time for a Job Search?

The holiday season is an important part of the year for taking care of yourself and enjoying the company of loved ones. Many job seekers assume that the professional world grinds to a halt around this time and that they should hold off on their search altogether. But is this really true?

Employer Habits

If you’ve never been one to look for a job during the holidays, it might be because you think that employers are either so busy with holidays rushes that they don’t have time to look for new recruits, or that they’re taking time off and are disengaged from their workplace altogether. Neither of these is exactly accurate. For one thing, many types of businesses need to beef up their workforce to contend with the intensity of the holidays. Secondly, some companies might want to fill positions before the end of the fiscal year so as to avoid letting precious funds go unused. There’s always a possibility!

Your Competition

Another key reason why you might want to think twice about a complete holiday job search shutdown is that your chances of landing something could actually be higher. If you set everything to the side, you could be missing out on openings that will be snagged up by those who keep their eye on the ball year-round. Competition tends to be lower, as long as the jobs you’re looking at are not seasonal positions, and simply by putting yourself out there at a time when others are taking a break sends out the message that you’re truly determined to succeed.

Maintaining Balance

As important as it is to keep your head in the game and capitalize on opportunities when they arise, you shouldn’t forget that the holidays and their related break time exist for a reason. Despite what you might think, it’s possible to keep your eye on that great-looking job while also taking the time you need to enjoy yourself. This kind of work-life balance is another characteristic that employers love to see. Have an experienced recruitment agency help you out and you’ll be able to trust that your search isn’t totally on hold while you enjoy your holidays!

Whether you’re taking a break or your search is in full force, this is a great time to reflect on the past year and think about how you can improve as a candidate. If you need help finding the right connections, try our job search portal today. Enjoy your holidays, and have a happy New Year!

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Are the Holidays a Bad Time for a Job Search?

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