Are Recruiting Operations Essential to Business Growth?

Recruitment is the process of attracting and hiring the right person for a job vacancy. It involves determining the requirements of a position, attracting applicants, screening and selecting possible employees, and hiring and integrating new personnel. What does employee recruitment have to do with business growth?

Employees are a valuable resource. Engaged, productive and organized personnel accomplish tasks and overcome obstacles. A workforce composed of such employees drives a business forward helping it grow. It’s important to develop a recruitment strategy that filters applicants enabling you to find the candidate(s) best suited to your company. Good recruiting practices result in 3.5 times the revenue growth and 2 times the profit margin over those companies with a less capable recruiting practice.

To find and retain the best candidates for your business, focus your recruitment process on the following elements.

  • A detailed profile of the ideal candidate (skills, experience, education, personality traits, etc.)
  • Effective job postings (concise, simple, concrete, attractive, accurate) 
  • Ongoing promotion of your brand (active social media pages, trade magazines, industry blogs, related websites, etc.)
  • Use of pre-employment selection tools (pre-employment test, detailed job preview, etc.)
  • Development of an ongoing employee referral program
  • A workforce plan that identifies present and future staffing needs 
  • Integration of diversity and inclusion
  • The use of applicant tracking software
  • A well-managed onboarding process (formal and informal)

Competent employees affect the operation of an organization and help determine a business’s success. Develop a strong recruitment strategy so you can select the right people, create an engaged workforce, increase your company’s productivity and give your business a competitive edge.

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Are Recruiting Operations Essential to Business Growth?

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